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UX Design

πŸ“ˆ Grow UX/UI and product design skills through design challenges with chances to win prizes

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Why UX Design Contest?

UX Design Contest is a fun way for you to

  • Challenge yourself or your team
  • Show the world what you can do
  • Exercise full-stack UX, UI, and product design skills
  • Learn new skills and tools
  • Grow your design portfolio
  • Win money for your charity

πŸ₯° Contest winners have won over $750 for charity

Who's it For?

Entry is open to anyone 18 years or older. You don't need to be a professional designer to participate in a UX Design Contest. All contests provide you with tools and resources to help you participate and exercise your design skills.

What People Are Saying

"The contest helped me understand the expectations of a design case study, learn a new design tool, and get valuable feedback."

- Andrew Liebler, Winner of UX Design Contest #1

"You should check it out!"

- Pablo Stanley, Design Lead at InVision,
Creator of Open Peeps + much, much more

"A design contest that isn't spec work? Nice."

- Pavel Samsonov, Product Designer at Bloomberg Enterprise

How does UX Design Contest work?

  1. Official contest details are posted
  2. Follow the requirements and submit your entry by the deadline
  3. Watch Product Designer, Adam Ruf, on YouTube for live design demonstrations and contest support
  4. Entries are reviewed and scored
  5. Participants receive feedback on their entries
  6. Winners are announced and the winning entry is reviewed live on YouTube

Past Contests

UX Design Contest #16 Design an AI-powered recipe ingredient substitution UX

  • πŸ† Congratulations to 1st prize winners, Sabitha Shree, Nakul Sharma, and Suchit Thakkar
  • πŸ™Œ Shout out to 2nd & 3rd prize winners: Lixian Zeng and the team of Anna Malaeva & Mattias Di Mass, respectively

UX Design Contest #15 Design a new feature for a site or app you love

  • πŸ† Congratulations to Ramya Anand! Her winning entry earned $100 for My Stuff Bags Foundation and a video call with Contest Creator, Adam Ruf.

UX Design Contest #14 Give the SF Zoo website a visual design refresh

UX Design Contest #13 Improve a food delivery app experience

  • πŸ† Congratulations to Maryam and Najia Khan! For their team entry on improving Postmates recent order experience, they won $100 for their charity, Islamic Relief USA, and a video call with Contest Creator, Adam Ruf.
  • πŸ† Congratulations to Nik Ortheil! For his solo entry on improving the Lieferando food delivery app, he won $100 for his charity, Doctors Without Borders, and a video call with Contest Creator, Adam Ruf.

UX Design Contest #12 Improve the UX of a website or app you love

  • πŸ† Congratulations to Hrittika Bhowmick and Niharika Indavar! For their entry on improving Costco's search and navigation experience, they won $100 for their charity, Make-A-Wish, and a video call with Contest Creator, Adam Ruf.

UX Design Contest #11 Design and run a survey-based user research study

  • πŸ† Congratulations to Hannah L! For the winning entry, a survey-based research study on social event planning. She won $100 for her charity, Royal National Lifeboat Institution, which has been saving lives in the UK and Ireland since 1824, and a video call with Contest Creator, Adam Ruf.

UX Design Contest #10Design an interactive prototype with UXPin

UX Design Contest #9Design a doc with superpowers

  • πŸ† Congratulations to Shubhangi G. who won $50 for her charity, Pratham, to help children in India and a 1:1 mentoring session for the Trip Planner super doc she made with Coda

UX Design Contest #8Design a better search experience

  • πŸ† Congratulations to Hana P. who won $100 for her charity, Garden for the Environment, for her project addressing one of Instagram's biggest hashtag issues
  • πŸ‘πŸ‘ Honorable mentions to Oksana I. and Rose A. for their inspiring entries
  • πŸ™ Thanks to Priya B. and Veena R. for entering
  • ☝️Tip: Double-check all requirements before submitting your entry

UX Design Contest #7Design a voice UI prototype

  • πŸ† Congratulations to Sara K. who won a Google Home Mini for her popular Voice UI Prototype + Presentation
  • πŸ‘ Thanks to Yishan Y., Shara S., and Jenise T. for their inspirational entries

UX Design Contest #6Build a simple app using HTML + CSS + JS

UX Design Contest #5Use Figma to build a design system for a curated list experience

  • πŸ† Congratulations to Michael N. for his design system that won him a set of UX Design books
  • πŸ‘Thanks to runner-up Rafael C. for his inspirational entry

UX Design Contest #4Enhance an experience using illustration or animation

  • πŸ† Congratulations to Jenise T. who earned top score and won a video call with Contest Creator, Adam Ruf
  • πŸ‘ Thanks to runners-up Rajan and Greg for their educational entries

UX Design Contest #3Level up a experience

  • πŸ† Congratulations to our co-winners, Wes C., and Anya E. for their respective entries on streamlining the clipping experience and providing a fun way to support small streamers.

UX Design Contest #2Improve a landing page design

  • πŸ† Congratulations to Yunjie L. for earning the Top Score
  • πŸ‘ Thanks to Rajan J. for his inspiring entry that won him a UX Design Book Collection
  • πŸ’ͺ Kudos to Jenise T. for completing her 2nd contest in a row

UX Design Contest #1Improve online ordering UX for a Chinese restaurant site

Congratulations to our first participants!

  • πŸ† Andrew L. won $100 for his charity, Girls Who Code
  • πŸ‘ Jenise T. and Jogpaul J. tied for 2nd place
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