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UX Design Contest #8

Design a Better Search Experience

πŸ‘ This contest ended March 3, 2019

Note From Adam

πŸ‘‹ Hey Designers,

For this contest, you’re going to:

  • evaluate an existing search experience
  • propose solutions to the issues you identify
  • test your prototype against the current design
  • present the story of your project

🀞Good luck and happy designing!

Adam Ruf's profile photo

Adam Ruf
Creator, UX Design Contest; Product Designer at AngelList

Desired Outcomes

By participating in this contest, you will

  • Identify and present problems associated with search experiences
  • Practice a goal-driven design process
  • Learn and apply best practices for search experiences
  • Design an accessible search experience
  • Practice designing a persuasive presentation

How to Enter

  1. Document issues affecting an existing search experience.
  2. Design and prototype solutions for improving the search experience with InVision (or other prototyping tool).
  3. Test your prototype against the current baseline with UsabilityHub.
  4. Present the story of your project in a slide deck.

Judging Criteria

Criteria Weight
Usability and usefulness 40%
Complexity and difficulty 30%
Originality and creativity 20%
Visual design 5%
Emotional design and humor 5%

Tools & Resources


ᕙ╏ : β—‘ Ϊ‘ β—‘ : ╏ᕗ

πŸ† Congratulations to Hana P. who won $100 for her charity, Garden for the Environment, for her project addressing one of Instagram's biggest hashtag issues

πŸ‘πŸ‘ Honorable mentions to Oksana I. and Rose A. for their inspiring entries

πŸ™ Thanks to Priya B. and Veena R. for entering

☝️Tip: Double-check all requirements before submitting your entry

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