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Past Volunteers

Lisa Timanova

Jan 2020

Lisa is a Product Designer at Alchemist Accelerator. She's most proud of growing as a self-taught designer over the past 2 years.

When she's not designing, you might find Lisa listening to vinyl records, reading a book on psychology, or learning to speak Italian. Molto bello!


Fun Fact: Lisa is scared of butterflies

Why Volunteer?

UX Design Contest supports designers develop their skills and portfolios. Consider working on a volunteer project as a way to

  • Make a difference for designers
  • Use your problem-solving skills in a productive way
  • Contribute to the design community

Volunteers who successfully complete a project receive a

  • $100 Donation for their charity
  • Portfolio site review
  • Volunteer bio on this page
  • Video call with UXDC Creator, Adam Ruf

Volunteer Roles


Sorry, we're unable to support new volunteers right now

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